Deterministic Inversion

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Model driven inversion to absolute impedance

Deterministic Inversion is a model-driven inversion approach for 3D seismic data, producing a best-estimate volume. Depending on the input, the plugin generates Acoustic Impedance or (Extended) Elastic Impedance volumes. MPSI - Ultrafast stochastic inversion is a separate plugin that generates hundreds of non-unique realizations. These realizations are subsequently used to analyse the uncertainty in the inversion, provide much more accurate estimates of net sand volumes, and generate probability volumes for sand/shale, connectivity, and other properties. MPSI - Ultrafast stochastic inversion is considered the fastest stochastic seismic inversion scheme currently available. Both plugins are developed by Earthworks™ in collaboration with ARK CLS.

Deterministic Inversion includes a 3D model builder for the construction of a priori impedance models using well log and seismic horizon data; a 2D error grid generation module to provide spatial inversion constraints and a model-based deterministic inversion module.

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