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dGB's software products can be split in two parts: open source and closed source. The closed source part starts with OpendTect Pro, a commercial layer on top of OpendTect. OpendTect Pro users benefit from a lot of additional functionality: PetrelDirect, Thalweg Tracker, PDF3D, Ray Tracer, Basemap and further extension of the platform.


A direct two way link to Petrel*. When you link the platforms, you can directly access and store your data in the Petrel* data store, no data duplication! If you wan t to work on a project with multiple users, without tying the expensive Petrel* licenses, you can simply copy the data once and push it back when you are finished.

*Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger

Thalweg Tracker

This is a seismic facies tracker. By following the path of least resistance, this tool offers you a fantastic new way to find channels as shown in in the example to the right. Please have a look at the Thalweg Tracker video.


With PDF3D you can capture a scene in OpendTect and transform it into an interactive 3D PDF file. The 3D PDF file allows you to zoom in, rotate and you can even switch elements in the tree on and off. You can also use this feature in a PowerPoint presentation. This feature completely changes the way you can present and share your work, without having to share large files or even giving away access to the data. Please have a look at the PDF3D example.


The Basemap is used to interactively populate the 3D scene, to launch 2D viewers and to generate maps.

Other functionalities

Other functionalities exclusively available for our Pro users are a highly accurate ray-tracer for calculating angle stacks and mute functions and a radial basic function gridding algorithms for creating superior maps.

Possibility to extend the platform

OpendTect Pro users can extend the platform by renting or purchasing a range of cutting-edge plugins. Logical combinations of plugins are bundled in five packages, serving different application domains:

Thalweg Tracker