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Estimages destriping is a footprint removal tool. The algorithm uses geostatistics to quickly and efficiently remove a striping effect in 2D.

  • Semi automatic Factorial Kriging solution
  • Simple user experience
  • Efficiently removes striping effects
  • M-GS (Moving GeoStatistics : patented technology) based solution

Estimages has been working on providing the industry with new tools for improving existing data quality without additional processing cost. This plugin marks the integration of advanced denoising solutions into the powerful interpretation platform: OpendTect Pro.

This first version of the Destriping plug-in runs in 2D but the prospective already includes a 3D version. The only user input that is required is to enter the stripes ‘width. This semi-automatic filtering tool will then remove them almost instantaneously.

This tool is especially designed for destriping map attributes and horizons before interpretation and can be integrated in an operational workflow.