Stochastic Inversion

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Model driven inversion to absolute impedance

Deterministic Inversion is a model-driven inversion approach for 3D seismic data. Depending on the input the plugin generates Acoustic Impedance, or (Extended) Elastic Impedance volumes. MPSI - stochastic inversion is a separate plugin that generates hundreds of impedance realizations around the mean volumes produced by the deterministic plugin. These realizations are subsequently used to analyze the uncertainty in the inversion and to generate connectivity probalility bodies. MPSI stochastic inversion scheme is considered the fastest stochastic seismic inversion scheme currently available. Both plugins are developed by Earthworks™ in collaboration with ARK CLS.

Stochastic Inversion includes the MPSI UltraFast Stochastic Inversion module for the generation of multiple geostatistical realizations and the utilities to process the multiple realizations to represent the inversion uncertainty for lithology, porosity, saturation or other attributes as probability cubes. This plugin also requires the purchase of the deterministic inversion plugin.

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Stochastic & Deterministic Inversion