"I highly recommend the use of the Wacom tablet for interpretation of faults, geobodies and horizons. The use of this hardware and OpendTect will increase our efficiency for geological modeling."
--Jesus Ochoa - Marathon Oil

How can the Wacom interactive pen display increase efficiency as well as enhance the user’s ergonomic comfort in the process of seismic interpretation?

With a Wacom interactive pen display, the user can work directly on the displayed images. This allows a much faster tracing of seismic faults. Picking velocities, horizons or 3-D objects is much easier and significantly more accurate when working with the Wacom pen. Using a pen is ergonomically sensible and helps reducing physical strains.

Your benefits

  • Speeding up your workflow by working directly on screen
  • Enhanced accuracy because of the pen’s absolute precision
  • Stopping physical fatigue: working with the pen is intuitive and more ergonomic.

Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display

  • 4:3 IPS panel for excellent and detailed visualization
  • 16 ExpressKeys, fully customisable with keyboard shortcuts and menu commands
  • Enhanced pen technology for accurate tracing
  • Display rotation up to 180 degrees and reversible tilt stand for an ergonomic body posture.

Cintiq 24HD

This is the latest addition to the Cintiq family of interactive displays. More info.

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