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OpendTect main features

dGB's software products can be split into two parts: open source and closed source.

The open source part is OpendTect, a seismic interpretation software system for processing, visualizing and interpreting multi-volume seismic data, and for fast-track development of innovative interpretation tools.

The closed source part starts with OpendTect Pro, a commercial layer on top of OpendTect with a lot of extra functionalities, especially for professionals.

OpendTect Pro can be extended by renting or purchasing commercial plugins that offer unique seismic interpretation workflows.

See what functionality is supported.


  • Data IO via SEGY, LAS, ASCII
  • 2D & 3D viewers
  • Horizon trackers, fault sticks & planes
  • Interactive attribute analysis
  • Well tie, wavelets
  • Time-depth conversion
  • 3D bodies.

Special Functionality in OpendTect

  • Spectral Decomposition (FFT and CWT)
  • Distributed computing
  • Trace cross-equalization
  • Create pseudo-3D volumes from 2D seismic
  • Link to GMT (open source mapping)
  • Link to Madagascar (open source processing).

For more information, see OpendTect details.

OpendTect Horizon Trackers OpendTect Visualization OpendTect Seismic Attributes Neural Networks

Supported platforms

OpendTect is supported on Linux, Windows and Apple Mac. Find an overview of the supported platforms for the commercial plugins here


Apple Mac OS X


Linux (64 bit)


Windows (7/8/10)