Seismic Attributes


  • Various attributes and filters like Energy, Frequency, Similarity, Instantaneous, Band pass filters, Absorption quality factor, etc.
  • Spectral Decomposition with Fourier transforms and Continuous Wavelet transforms
  • Mathematical and logical expressions to create your own attributes and filters
  • Movie-style parameter testing (time gate or step out) to quickly find the optimal settings for your attributes.

For an overview of the OpendTect Attributes please take a look at the:

AttribMatrix grey

OpendTect Attributes Matrix


Attribute Set

Default and user-defined attribute-sets

Ridge Enhancement & Spectral Decomposition

Ridge Enhancement (faults) & Spectral Decomposition

Evaluation Attribute

Movie-style parameter testing (time gate of Similarity)

Ridging Attribute

Create your own attributes with mathematical expression

Attributes List

  • Convolve - Attribute that returns a filtered response
  • Delta Resample - Attribute that enables residual alignment of seismic volumes
  • Energy - Attribute that returns the energy of a trace segment
  • Event - Attribute that quantifies an event's shape or distance relative to a next event
  • Fingerprint - Attribute that computes the similarity between a user-defined vector of attributes and the equivalent vector taken at each position in a cube
  • Frequency - Attribute that returns frequency properties
  • Frequency Filter - Attribute that returns filtered data using FFT or Butterworth filter types
  • GapDecon - Attribute that aims to attenuate repetitions of primary reflections (multiples)
  • Horizon - Attribute that enables advanced calculations on horizons
  • Instantaneous - Attribute that returns an instantaneous attribute
  • Match Delta - Attribute that extracts time shifts between similar events in different seismic volumes
  • Mathematics - Attribute that returns the result of a user-defined mathematical expression
  • Position - Attribute that returns any attribute calculated at the location where another attribute has its minimum, maximum or median within a small volume
  • Prestack attribute - This attribute enables you to load, display, use and manage pre-stack data
  • Reference - Attribute that returns the definitions of the extraction position
  • Reference shift - Attribute that moves the extraction position in 3D space
  • Scaling - Attribute used for scaling of amplitude
  • SEG-Y checklist - SEG-Y loading checklist
  • Similarity - Attribute that returns trace-to-trace similarity properties
  • Spectral decomposition - Attribute that returns the amplitude spectrum (FFT) or waveletcoefficients (CWT)
  • Velocity Fan Filter - Attribute that returns energy with apparent velocities inside a specified Min/Max range
  • Volume statistics - Attribute that returns statistical properties.

Plugin - Attributes

  • Attributes with steering
    • Curvature
    • Dip
    • Dip angle
    • Position
    • Reference shift
    • SimilarityVolume Statistics
  • SSB
  • SCI
  • MPSI
    • 3D Model builder (Wells and Zones)
    • 2D Error grid
    • Deterministic Inversion & Stochastic Inversion
    • Utilities
  • Default attribute sets
    • Evaluate Attributes
    • dGB Evaluate Attributes
    • NN Chimney Cube
    • NN Fault Cube
    • NN FaultCube Advanced
    • NN Salt Cube
    • NN Slump Cube
    • Unsupervised Waveform Segmentation
    • Ridge-Enhancement Filter
    • Dip-Steered Median Filter
    • Dip-Steered Diffusion Filter
    • Fault Enhancement Filter
    • Fault Enhancement Attributes
    • Seismic Filters Median-Diffusion-Fault-Enhancement.