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dGB Earth Sciences B.V. is a privately owned company that has offered leading­edge seismic interpretation software solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry since 1995. dGB’s business model is centered on OpendTect, the world’s only open source seismic interpretation system. OpendTect is used worldwide by thousands of open source users, thousands of academic users and hundreds of commercial users.

On top of OpendTect, dGB and other vendors have developed a range of unique software modules for extracting more geologic information from the data. Revenues are generated from software sales, rentals, maintenance & support fees, paid R&D, proprietary interpretation projects and consultancy & training services..

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In response to the current market situation, dGB transformed OpendTect from a system that was used mainly by specialists to a system that appeals to all seismic interpreters: generalists as well as specialists. With new and improved seismic interpretation workflows OpendTect version 6 is a highly competitive interpretation platform.

OpendTect v6 is released under a triple licensing scheme:

OpendTect Pro is an extended version of OpendTect with extra functionality for professionals. OpendTect Pro can be extended further with a range of unique, leading­edge plugins for extracting more geologic information from the data. These plugins are developed by dGB and partners and are available for sale and rent.

dGB's specialties are:

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