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Organisation dGB

Netherlands Office

Paul de Groot, president of dGB

Paul de Groot is President of dGB. He worked ten years for Shell where he served in various technical and management positions. Paul subsequently worked four years as a senior research geophysicist for TNO Institute of Applied Geosciences before co-founding dGB in 1995. He has authored many papers covering a wide range of geophysical topics and co-authored a patent on seismic object detection. Together with Fred Aminzadeh Paul wrote a book on Soft Computing techniques in the Oil Industry. Paul holds MSc and PhD degrees in geophysics from Delft University of Technology.

Kristofer Tingdahl, CEO of dGB

Kristofer Tingdahl is CEO of dGB. He has a background in geoscientific software development. He joined dGB in 1998 as an intern working on steering algorithms. Kristofer continued to pursue a dGB sponsored PhD at Goteborg University, Sweden, focusing on object detection (faults and chimneys). During his PhD studies, he developed an attribute calculation engine and 3D visualization that formed the basis of OpendTect. He received his PhD degree in April 2004. From 2005 to 2011 Kristofer was based in Houston, first as senior OpendTect developer and later as Executive VP.

Arnaud Huck, Chief Geoscientist dGB

Arnaud Huck is Chief Geophysicist of dGB. Arnaud has over 10 years' experience in the geosciences industry, including seismic reservoir characterization, AVO modelling and well modelling. He is responsible for the management of dGB's services-based operations and customized studies worldwide and the training of seismic interpreters on dGB's open source software OpendTect. Arnaud holds a MSc degree with honours in Geophysics from the School of Engineering Geophysics of Strasbourg.

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USA Office

Nanne Hemstra, Executive Vice President dGB - Americas

Nanne Hemstra is Executive Vice President - USA and a senior geo-scientific software engineer. He can be considered as one of the founders of OpendTect, and he has been involved in almost all OpendTect developments since he started working for dGB in 2001. He is responsible for many innovations and he is currently developing sequence stratigraphic functionalities for OpendTect. Nanne studied geophysics at Utrecht University where he specialized in exploration geophysics. From 2007 to 2011 Nanne was Executive VP of dGB-India, the branch office he helped to build up from scratch.

David Connolly, Chief Geologist dGB - Americas

David Connolly has joined dGB Earth Sciences in 2002 as Chief Geologist. He has over 20 years of industry experience in various aspects of petroleum geology and geophysics. Formerly with Texaco, he has worked on a variety of international and national exploration assignments. His areas of expertise include reservoir characterization, sequence stratigraphy, integrated seal analysis, petroleum migration and 3D visualization. He has co-authored various talks and poster sessions on deep water technologies. Prior to joining Texaco, he worked as core analyst and laboratory manager for Schlumberger-Anadrill. He is mainly involved in seismic object detection and interpretation studies, especially on fluid migration.

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India Office

Jan Stellingwerff Beintema, Executive Vice President dGB Asia - Pacific

Jan Stellingwerff Beintema is Executive Vice President Asia - Pacific and a Geoscientist with over 30 years of experience in various aspects of geology, geophysics and reservoir evaluation. In the beginning of his career, he worked for Western and Halliburton in the acquisition of geophysical borehole data. Then he worked 12 years for CGG in France, where he specialized in the petrophysical interpretation of full-waveform sonic data. Here he also became involved in the marketing and commercialization of their in-house geophysical software package. He holds a Msc in geology from Polytech' Montpellier. From 2006 to 2011 Jan was based in Enschede as Senior Sales Manager.

Raman Singh, Manager - Software Development dGB India

Raman Singh is Manager - Software Development at dGB-India. Raman did his integrated MSc in Applied Geology from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2003. Prior to joining dGB as a Geoscientific Software Developer in 2007 he worked as a geoscientist for Reliance Industries at Mumbai, where he was associated with the geoscientific data interpretation team.

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