Articles GDI

dGB-GDI Concepts & theory
A document from 2000 describing the concepts and mathematical foundations on which some important dGB-GDI tools and functions are based
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Stochastic inversion of seismic data by evaluation of pseudo-wells
Bril, A. and de Groot, P., 1998, 60th EAGE conference, Leipzig

Analysing and simulating stratigraphic patterns using Markov Chain analysis
Bekkevold, J. and Bril, A., 1998, 60th EAGE conference, Leipzig

dGB-GDI Introduction
A general introduction to dGB-GDI including the integration framework concept, the well simulator and neural networks
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Monte Carlo statistics
A document from 1997 on simulating correlated multi-variate stochastic variables. Be prepared for some heavy mathematics
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Rock-physics relationships
A document from 1997 explaining Gassmann's equation and some other basic equations used in rock
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The use of pseudo-wells in seismic interpretation studies
de Groot, P. and Bril, A., 1996, 58th EAGE conference in Amsterdam

Dealing with the geoscientific scaling problem - an Object-Oriented approach
de Groot, P. and Bril, A., 1996, EAGE Winter Symposium