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Thalweg Tracker: A Voxel-Based Auto-Tracker to Map Channels and Associated Margins
Pelissier, M., Changhua Yu, Singh, R., Qayyum, F., de Groot, P. and Romanova, V. ​2016. EAGE 7​8​th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, ​Vienna, ​30 May - 2​ June 201​6
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Growing Taller OpendTect
Hemstra N., Huck A., DEW Journal, February 2014, 1-8
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Dip-Steered Gridding – A ‘Win-Win’ for Seismic Interpretation
Contributed by dGB Earth Sciences, E&P Daily News, Sep 25, 2013, p. 21
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Updated open source software: taking seismic interpretation to a new level
E&P Daily News, June 2012
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Enhancing geophysical data analysis with Open Source software
Jones, C., Selvage, J.I., Edgar, J.A., Macintyre, H., 74th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-7 June 2012
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Seismic Dips Help Unlock Reservoirs
Qayyum, F., de Groot, P., American Oil & Gas Reporter, p.75-79. February 2012
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Building Complex Synthetic Models to Evaluate Acquisition Geometries and Velocity Inversion Technologies
Jones, C.E., Edgar, J.A., Selvage, J.I., and Crook, H., BG Group, 2012
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Open Source Advances: From strength to strength in seismic interpretation software
E&P Daily News, p. 15, May 2011
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Open Source Technology Proves the Way
de Groot, P., Tingdahl, K., Geo Expro, October 2011, p.6
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Meeting Africa's Seismic Interpretation Challenges
Stellingwerff, J., Petroleum Africa, February 2011
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An open advantage
Stellingwerff, J., Oilfield Technology, p. 29-31, November 2010
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Increasing seismic interpretation skills in Africa
de Groot, P., 2010. Oil Review Africa, Issue Five September 2010, p.84-86
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The future is open for business: open source tools for the geoscientist
Hall, M., 2010. First break volume 28, June 2010
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Geometrical stacking for fluid contact analysis : Examples from the North Sea Dutch sector
Huck, A., Blom, F, January 2010
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Superimposed Geologic Features in Seismic Interpretation
Qayyum, F., Yousaf, S., Malik, D., Zaheer, R., Manzoor, M.H., PAPG/SPE Annual Technical Conference 2010, p.95-105
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Life as a geoscientist
de Bruin, G., 2009, EAGE Recruitment Special, 2009
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Odd One Out
de Groot, P., Huck, A., Brouwer, F., and Wever, A., 2008, Oilfield Technology, volume 1 Issue 2, November 2008
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Spectral Decomposition Of seismic reflection Data to detect Gas related Frequency Anomalies
Welsh, A., Brouwer, F.G.C., Wever, A., Flierman, W., 2008, 70th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, June 2008, Rome
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Advanced seismic interpretation techniques in OpendTect
de Groot, P., Aminzadeh, F., Hemstra, N., de Bruin, G. 2008. Drilling & Exploration World, Vol. 17 No. 03, January 2008
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Advances Push Geophysics Beyond 3-D Methods
Thomsen, L., and Aminzadeh, F., 2007 American Oil & Gas Reporter, January 2007
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OpendTect, the Open Source seismic interpretation system
Hemstra, N., 2006, 68th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Vienna, June 2006
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Technical Challenges in the Petroleum Industry and Future Trends in Improved Oil Recovery
de Groot, P., and Aminzadeh F., 2005 IOR2005, Tehran, Iran
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The open source model in geosciences and OpendTect in particular
de Groot, P. and Bril, A., 2005 SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts -- 2005 -- p.802-805
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Soft computing for qualitative and quantitative seismic object detection and reservoir property prediction
Aminzadeh, F., with contributions from de Groot P., and Wilkinson, D., 2004
Part 1: Neural network applications. First Break, March 2004
Part 2: Fuzzy Logic applications. First Break, April 2004
Part 3: Evolutionary computing and other aspects of soft computing. First Break, June 2004

Post-stack dip- and azimuth processing
Tingdahl K. M. and De Groot P. F. M. Journal of Seismic Exploration 12, 113- 126, 2003.
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Soft computing and intelligent data analysis in oil exploration
Nikravesh, M., Aminzadeh, F. and Zadeh, L.A., ed., 2003. With contributions from Ligtenberg, H. and Wansink, A.G. and Tingdahl, K. Developments in pertoleum science series, vol. 51. Elsevier

Point bar geometry, connectivity and well test signatures
de Rooij, M., Corbett, P. (Herriot-Watt) and Barens, L. (Total), 2002. First Break, volume 20

Challenges direct future of geophysics
Aminzadeh, F., 2000. Special millenium edition of the American Oil and Gas Journal
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Quantitative interpretation generally needs no seismic attributes
de Groot, P. and Bril, A., 1997. 59th EAGE conference, Geneva

Should we store all data in standardized data stores?
Bril, A. and de Groot, P., 1996. 58th EAGE conference, Amsterdam