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Utilizing pseudo-wells on a sandstone reservoir in onshore Germany
Huck, A., Tilmann, R., First break volume 31, p. 75-79, September 2013
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Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoir characterization using the HitCube approach - Mapping of Marl Rich Mudflows in the Horn River Basin
Pierard, C., Jaglan, H., Huck, A., Brouwer, F., Jensen, S., Von Lunen, E., geoConvention 2013
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Using the 4D Hit Cube for seismic inversion in the North Sea’s Blake Field
Huck, A., Hicks, G., World Oil, May 2013
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Extracting full-resolution models from seismic data to minimize systematic errors in inversion: Method and examples
Brouwer, F., Huck, A., Hemstra, N., Braga, I., The Leading Edge, p. 546-554, May 2012
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Integrating seismic attributes in the accurate modeling of geological structures and determining the storage of the gas reservoir in Gorgan Plain (North of Iran)
Rezvandehy, M., Aghababaei, H., Tabatabaee Raissi, S.H., Journal of Applied Geophysics, January 2011
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Maximizing the value of your Geological Data
de Groot, P., DEW Journal, p. 43-47, December 2010
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The horizon cube: A step change in seismic interpretation!
de Groot, P., Huck, A., de Bruin, G., Hemstra, N., Bedford, J., The Leading Edge 29, 1048-1055, September 2010
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Improving Seismic Inversion through Detailed Low Frequency Model Building
Huck, A., Quiquerez, G., de Groot, P., 2010, 72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition, June 2010
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Low Gas-Saturation Effect on AVO Response
Khalid, P., Qayyum, F., Broseta, D., PAPG/SPE Annual Technical Conference 2010, p.125-136
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Getting into Hot Water
Woods, P., 2009, GEO ExPro Magazine, NO4, 2009
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Seismic Characterisation for Geothermal Energy Prospecting
Huck, A., de Groot, P., Simmelink, E., Vandeweijer, V.P., Willemsen, A., 2009, 71th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, June 2009
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Extending reservoir property prediction with pseudo-wells
Ayeni, G.O., Huck, A., de Groot, P., 2008, First Break, volume 26, November 2008
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Logical Expressions a basic tool in Reservoir Characterization
Qayyum, F., Akhter, G., Ahmad, Z., 2008, Oil and Gas Journal, Volume-106, issue-41 Nov 03, 2008, p. 33-42
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Multiple prediction and reservoir characterization of a tight sand reservoir
Zhao, B., Brouwer, F.G.C., Aminzadeh, F., Morris, S., Harris, R., 2008, SEG Las Vegas 2008 Annual Meeting
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The HIT Cube; Matching Monte Carlo Simulated Pseudo-Wells to Seismic Data for Predictions with Uncertainties
Ayeni, G.O., Huck, A., de Groot, P., 2007, 69th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, June 2007, London
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The Hit Cube: a stochastic pseudo well matching tool for seismic prediction of rock and fluid properties
Ayeni, G.O., Huck, A., 2007, AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition

Integrating neural networks and fuzzy logic for improved reservoir property prediction and prospect ranking.
Aminzadeh, F., Brouwer, F., 2006. 76th SEG Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 1-6 October 2006
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Populating a PSDM created Earth Model with PSTM predicted seismic properties
Huck, A., de Rooij, M., de Groot, P., Henke, C., Rauer, S., 2005. First Break, Oct. 2005, p.87-91
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Time-lapse seismic within reservoir engineering
Oldenziel, T., 2003. PhD thesis, Delft University of Technology, p.204
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Seismic inversion successfully predicts reservoir, porosity, and gas content in Ibhubesi Field, Orange Basin, South Africa
Berge, T.B., Aminzadeh, F., de Groot, P., Oldenziel, T., 2002. The Leading Edge, April 2002

Neural network prediction of permeability in El Garia Formation, Ashtart oilfield, offshore Tunesia
Ligtenberg, H., Wansink, G., Nikravesh, M., Aminzadeh, F., and Zadeh, L.A. (Eds.), 2002. Soft computing and intelligent data analysis in oil exploration. Developments in Petroleum Science, Volume 51. Chapter 19, p.397
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Seismic reservoir characterization with limited well control
Oldenziel, T., Aminzadeh, F., de Groot, P., Nielsen, S., 2002. EXPOGEF, 7th International SBGf in Bahia, Brasil

Neural network prediction of permeability in El Garia Formation, Ashtart oilfield, offshore Tunesia
Ligtenberg, H., Wansink, G., 2001. Journal of Petroleum Geology JPG, vol.24(4), October 2001, p.389
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Prediction of static and dynamic parameters from time-lapse 3-D seismic
Oldenziel, T., de Groot, P., Kvamme, L., 2000. 62st EAGE Conference, Glasgow
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Estimation of Reservoir Properties by Monte Carlo Simulation
Nakayama, K., 2000. SPE Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Modelling for Asset Management, Yokohama

Neural network-based prediction of porosity and water saturation from time-lapse seismic; a case study
Oldenziel, T., de Groot, P., Kvamme, L., 2000. First Break, February 2000

Volume Transformation by way of Neural Network Mapping
de Groot, P., 1999. 61st EAGE Conference, Helsinki
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Seismic Reservoir Characterisation Using Artificial Neural Networks
de Groot, P., Bril, A.H., Floris, J.T., Campbell, A.E., 1996. Monte Carlo simulation of wells. Geophysics, Vol. 61, No. 3 (May-June 1996), p. 631-638.
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Total Space Inversion: Concept and Experiments in Model Space
de Groot, P., 1995. 57th EAGE Conference, Glasgow, May 1995

Seismic reservoir characterization in 'total space'; a Middle Eastern example
de Groot, P., Campbell E., 1995. OAPEC / John Brown Workshop, New Technologies Applied to Hydrocarbon Production. Delft, 12-15 Sep. 1995

Geophysics - desperately seeking Geology
Campbell, A.E., Scheffers, B., de Groot, P., 1994. 56th EAGE conference. Vienna, June 1994

Reservoir characterization from 3D seismic data using artificial neural networks and stochastic modelling techniques
de Groot, P., Campbell, A.E., Kavli, T., Melnyk, D., 1993. 55th EAGE Conference, Stavanger, June 1993