Software Development

Software Development

Our goal for OpendTect is to create a world-class seismic data analysis & interpretation system that serves the entire seismic interpretation community. In the coming years we will improve what needs improving and extend the system in all the directions of the seismic value chain. Moreover we will continue to develop new ingenious interpretation work flows wherever we can.

Development funding and multi-client sponsored projects

We finance our software development with internal funding (from sales and maintenance fees) and via industry funded projects. The latter form of funding has the highest priority. This mode of financing ensures that we develop what our users want and that the system evolves in a user-driven way.

Industry funded projects come in two flavors: single-client funded and multi-client funded. Examples of single-client funded projects are the initial development of OpendTect with dip-steering and neural network for Statoil, various general improvements in OpendTect for BG, other general improvements for GdF-Suez, the Gap-decon attribute for Addax and the development of CCB for Wintershall.

Examples of multi-client sponsored projects are the developments which led to the SSIS (Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System) plugin and VMB (Velocity Model Building) plugin.

In all industry funded developments, our clients accept that general functionalities, developed in the context of the funded project, end up in OpendTect : the Open Source interpretation system. Only unique capabilities are released as commercial (closed source) plugins. This means that in most funded projects the entire OpendTect community (Open Source as well as commercial) benefits from the developments.