Triple Licensing Policy

OpendTect Commercial Plugins

OpendTect is an open source seismic interpretation system and R&D environment. It supports all functionality needed for standard seismic interpretation work.

OpendTect is released under a triple licensing scheme:

Under the commercial (and Academic) License Agreement(s) OpendTect Pro can be extended with closed source plugins for added functionality. OpendTect Pro and all commercial plugins are protected by FlexNet license managing software (explained below). The usage fee for OpendTect Pro is € 1.600,00 per user per annum. Plugin licenses are available as:

  • Perpetual license: subject to a license fee and annual maintenance, update & support fees
  • Temporary license: subject to a monthly or annual rental fee.

Logical sets of plugins have been combined into packages for typical G&G tasks. These packages are licensed on a per annum basis against attractive rental prices.



Free / GNU GPL

The GPL (v3) license covers the OpendTect system excluding closed source commercial plugins. The software is released with its source code (C++), it is not protected by a license manager and it can be used by anyone, including for commercial purposes. Software developed under this license is per definition covered by the GPL (v3) license.


Commercial - Pro License

OpendTect Pro is a commercial layer on top of OpendTect that comes with great additional functionality. OpendTect Pro users can optionally extend the platform by purchasing or renting closed source commercial plugins that are protected by license managing software and they are given priority access to maintenance & support. Software under this license can be kept close source when commercialized.


Academic License

The academic license is intended for universities only. These can obtain free access to OpendTect Pro and all of the commercial plugins that are released through the OpendTect website. The license can only be used for research & development and educational purposes. Software developed under this license can be kept closed source if this is a required condition of the project in which the research is conducted.

OpendTect vs OpendTect Pro

FlexNET Licensing

FlexNet Licensing

FlexNET (by Flexera Software) is a well known licensing system used throughout the industry, and in the oil industry in particular. To be able to effectively manage licenses, every computer has a unique host identification.

More information on this and other FlexNET issues: