Chimney Atlas

Scientific Publications


Aminzadeh, F., Berge, T. and Connolly, D. [2013]. Hydrocarbon Seepage: From Source to Surface. SEG/AAPG.
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Aminzadeh, F. and De Groot, P. [2006]. Neural Networks and Soft Computing Techniques, with applications in the oil industry. EAGE Publishing.
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Hydrocarbon Seepage From Source to Surface   Neural Networks and Other Soft Computing Techniques


Connolly, D. and De Groot, P. [2016]. Chimney Atlas to Quantify Top Seal and Charge Risk: Case Study from Maari Oil Field, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. EAGE 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Vienna.
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Connolly, D., Heggland, R., Brouwer, F., de Bruin, G. and De Groot, P. Workflow for Prospect Risking Using HC-Chimneys.
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