dGB Earth Sciences

dGB Plugins v6.4.6

July 7, 2021

Compatibility update wrt OpendTect-6.6:

  • [PRO] Several security fixes

  • [PRO] The new version v7 (F3_Demo_2020 from Terranubis) is required to freely use the dGB plugins

  • [PRO] The FORCE competition datasets available on Terranubis can freely use the dGB plugins

  • [PRO] This release provides updated license management executables
    (lmgrd, lmutil, dgbld) in v11.18.1. While OpendTect v6.4 will continue to be
    fully compatible with all lmgrd versions down to v11.15.1, it is strongly
    recommended to replace on your license server the executables listed above
    by the new versions provided in this release. Latest versions can always be
    found at https://www.dgbes.com/index.php/download/flexnet-vendors-packages

  • [HC] Fix for 'Start at Min/Max' option in HorizonCube DataDriven Tracking

dGB Plugins v6.4.5

December 2, 2019

  • [DS] Fix for not restoring the selected wells and markers in Unconformity tracker

  • [DS] Added new 3D Horizon Tracker called "Inversion+" that gives more phase consistent result

  • [F&F] Fix for Fracture attributes radius parameter value saving

  • [F&F] Implemented cascading filters for Fault Skin selection

  • [NN] Fix for crash in Neural Networks when balancing is turned off

  • [PetrelDirect]  Fix for PetrelDirect does not transfer objects with names having strange characters

  • [Pro] PDF3D supports adding Top/Bottom images

  • [Pro] Added Create cube option for Thalweg Tracker output

  • [SynthRock] Fix for SynthRock profile models saving and restoring

dGB Plugins v6.4.4

May 27, 2019

  •  [F&F] Fix for processing of multi-component volumes between horizons

  •  [F&F] Added an option to create Thinned Fault Likelihood from

 Fault Likelihood

  •  [HC] Added an option to display 2D HorizonCube on all lines in one go

  •  [HC] Fix for 2D HC with fault regions displays in white in 2D viewers

  •  [HC] Fix for not restoring the selected boundary type in the Fault selection

of HorizonCube Creator window

dGB Plugins v6.4.3

February 18, 2019

  • [F&F] Added options for hiding/displaying extracted skins and keeping

selected skins irrespective of filtered range

  • [F&F] Import facility for FaultSets

  • [F&F] Possibility to extract more than one Fault from a FaultSet in one go

  • [HC] Performance improvements for reading and displaying 2D HorizonCubes

  • [HC] Some fixes and improvements in the 2D HorizonCube region and line

correlation workflow

  • [SSIS] Added possibility to show/hide 2nd order Interpretation in SSIS

  • [WCP] Fix for viewing Wells only in Well Correlation Panel

  • [[WCP] Fix for not recognizing Inline/Crossline/2D line positions

(when launched from Tree scene) in Well Correlation Panel

dGB Plugins v6.4.2

December 12, 2018

  • [F&F] Improved GUI with option to filter the Fault skins based on Average

Strike and Average Dip apart from Skin Size

  • [HC] Fix for freezing issue while computing 2D HorizonCube with start

position at 'Max thickness'

  • [HC] Fix for not filling the significant gaps of 2D HorizonCube after adding

more iterations

  • [PetrelDirect] Support for surveys that have XY or Depth in Feet

(Needs an update of Petrel plugin)

  • SynthRock] Fix for occasional crash while selecting wells input in the

  • Synthrock-HC wizard

dGB Plugins v6.4.1

November 26, 2018

  • [F&F] Fix for TFL border like artefacts when input volume is irregular

  • [F&F] Fix for Memory leak in Fault Planes Extraction(From Skins)

  • [F&F] Fix for FaultSet's Histogram Display and Change Transparency

  • [F&F] Fix for incorrect Fault Proximity attribute output

  • [SSIS] Seismic data in a Wheeler scene is not interpolated by default 

  • [SynthRock] Angle-stack computation in SynthRock is optimized

dGB Plugins v6.4.0

October 15, 2018

  • [F&F] New algorithm for extracting Fault planes from Fault Likelihood cubes. It first produces the best possible Fault skins which can be converted into individual Fault planes or FaultSets with several Fault planes in one go.

  • [F&F] Introducing FaultSet containing several Fault planes that can be visualized and managed collectively.

  • [HC, SSIS & Synthrock] HorizonCube events and SSIS interpretations based on HorizonCube can be used to perform structural/stratigraphic modelling to generate synthetic sections in the Profile module of SynthRock.

  • [HC & SSIS] Provision for using available well logs and/or pseudo-1D models for modelling the rock properties within the packages bound by HorizonCube events or SSIS interpretations.

  • [Synthrock] Availability of a multiviewer to visualize the results in one synchronized window: Seismic (along a 2D line or a 3D random line), Synthetic and the Layer Model (e.g. Acoustic Impedance, Velocity, Porosity...)