dGB Earth Sciences

OpendTect v6.4.6

July 7, 2021

Compatibility update wrt OpendTect-6.6:

  • Updated the startup banner

  • Updated broken links

  • Updated the text presented in the plugin manager dialog to provide more information

  • Fixed failure to start OpendTect on some Linux distributions ('nvglxlibdir: Undefined variable' error)

OpendTect v6.4.5

December 2, 2019

  • Added new COLOP operator (in the Wavelet Manager & in Processing Menu) that facilitates Colored Inversion, Spectral Blueing and Spectral Whitening

  • Added new Mistie Analysis (in Analysis Menu) and Mistie Application, MLF Filter,  External Attribute, etc.(WMPlugins) to Attribute Set

  • Added Python setting option to set Presentation Maker

  • Histogram display improvements

  • Fix for crash at start up on MAC with some grahphic cards

  • Fix for 2D Geometry issues for newly imported 2D lines

  • Faster Horizon Gridding results with updated default values

  • Fix for last well marker not being copied from spreadsheet to well markers editor

  • Fix for wrongly treating INL/CRL as X & Y while bulk Importing Faults/Faultsticksets

  • Fix for Bulk well tracks importing temporary model velocity value is being taken as replacement velocity

  • SEG-Y Import now records azimuth information and shows it in statusbar for 3D Prestack Data displays

OpendTect v6.4.4

May 27, 2019

  • Fix for crash while adding Prestack attribute

  • Fix for showing HostID of a machine

  • Added an option to copy horizon either within or outside the given polygon

  • While importing 2D Horizons, X and Y are made optional

  • Added functions to compute pressure from mud logs to Rock Physics library

  • Fix for incorrect display of 2D data in flattened scenes from saved work areas

  • Support for import of SEG-Y files with 4-byte values stored in consecutive 2-byte header locations

  • Fix for Re-start of Multi Machine volume/attribute processes which use already processed data

  • Fix for display of Fault's (picked on z-slices) intersection on Horizons

OpendTect v6.4.3

February 18, 2019

  • Fix for refreshing issue while renaming 2D lines geometry

  • Fix for file reading during import from Network drive

  • Fix for occasional crash in viewing Faults

  • Fix for crash while pressing up arrow button of 'Set Data Root' window when

  • Recent Data Roots list is empty

  • Fix for Batch Hosts (Environment variable enabled) file not being readable

   from a network location

  • Fix for crash while trying to display Prestack gathers in 2D panel

  • Fix for opening 2D intersecting lines in 2D viewer

OpendTect v6.4.2

December 12, 2018

  • Fix for Zoom level issues in 2D viewer

  • Fix for Input Selection window popping up behind the parent window

       (only on Linux platform)

OpendTect v6.4.1

November 26, 2018

  • Fix for simple well Import issues

  • Fix for well markers and track display not getting updated

  • Multi well import(Bulk) with depth in TVD is supported

  • Coordinate Reference System support for Multi 2D Horizons(Bulk) Import

OpendTect v6.4.0

October 15, 2018

  • Support of Coordinate Reference System conversion during all Import/Export

  • Import facility for 2D Navigation Data

  • Support for Time/Depth conversion of 2D Seismic Data

  • Upgraded underlying GUI engine to Qt5