dGB Earth Sciences


September 03, 2020

  • [Pro] Fix Bokeh logplot crash for constant value log

  • [Pro] Fixed slowness in all bokeh applications

  • [ML] Added an error message when the prediction fails, to try applying using the CPU

  • [ML] Example sets and trained model managers no longer require a valid license

  • [ML] Fixed non responsive input data selection window

  • [ML] Disabled the machine learning Rock Properties prediction for 2D data (will come back later)

  • [ML] Legacy Neural Network workflows are now available with only a Machine Learning license too


September 01, 2020

  • [Pro] Fixed crash while closing Well table management window

  • [Pro] Changed error message and fixed reset of table when a new log was added

  • [F&F] Fix for long delay after pressing 'Back' from the Fault skin QC window

  • [F&F] Possible fix for crash in Fault Skin extraction

  • [HC] Fix for HC attrib processing with event subselection

  • [ML] Added an error message creation of new point set in the 3D unsupervised NN window failed

  • [ML] Added first working Unet model for multi-class segmentations

  • [ML] Add button to reset to training parameters to defaults

  • [ML] Fixed non-responding buttons in Quick UVQ training dialog.

  • [ML] Fixed tensorboard display on remote Unix servers

  • [ML] Added bokeh application: Machine Learning example viewer

  • [ML] Fixed prediction errors when applying trained Unet models

  • [ML] Fixed training errors for Unet models

  • [ML] Fixed crash in bokeh example viewer for multi-attribute datasets

  • [ML] Fixed training error if tensorboard files cannot be deleted

  • [ML] Fixed training error for image to image regression workflow


August 26, 2020

  • [Pro] Renamed help menu item 'dGB Plugins' to 'OpendTect Pro and dGB Plugins'

  • [Pro] Fixed crash while exporting wavelet using Petrel Direct link

  • [Pro] Fixed crash while exporting FaultStickSet using Petrel Direct Link

  • [Pro] Fixed crash while importing single well using Petrel Direct Link

  • [F&F] Fixed crash after extracting faults from TFL Cube

  • [HC] Horizon Cube attribute processing window now remembers (sub)selections

  • [ML] Machine Learning control center icons updated

  • [ML] Prevent launching multiple copies of deep learning control centre

  • [ML] Increasing the limit for valid lithology codes to 100000

  • [ML] Fixed a crash in Image to Image data extraction

  • [ML] Fixed weird behavior for Max Depth slider of XGBoost parameters GUI

  • [ML] Fixed failure to train a sklearn MLP

  • [ML] Add Seismic Image Regression and Classification to DL Control Centre UI

  • [ML] Hide data_format issues from UserModel implementation

  • [ML] Early UNIX implementation for local python services

  • [ML] Launch new Tensorboard instance when example set/workflow is changed

  • [ML] Fixed some cases of unsaved trained Machine Learning model

  • [ML] Machine Learning model import should erase existing OpendTect header

  • [ML] Fixed failure to import of Machine Learning model from a read-only file

  • [ML] Removing need for firewall exception for MachineLearning apply

  • [ML] Fixed bug in predicting the classification output alone for keras models

  • [ML] Fix wrong machine learning prediction output in some cases

  • [ML] Removing need for firewall exception for launching tensorboard

  • [ML] Automatic save and restore last used Deep Learning extraction parameters

  • [ML] Only open tensorboard webpage for an example file once


August 7, 2020

  • [Pro] Fixed zoom issue in Basemap

  • [Pro] Added Filter field for Wells and Markers in Basemap

  • [Pro] Introduced Batch processing option in Petrel link

  • [Pro] Fix for Thalweg Tracker output breaching horizon limits.

  • [Pro] Added status bar in the Well Table Filter window to show the number of
    wells/logs/markers selected.

  • [Pro] Some User interface changes in License installation window

  • [Pro] Fixed crash in bokeh log plot when some logs are utilized

  • [Pro] Some improvements in Bokeh crossplot
    - Display depths as positive numbers
    - Improve log display
    - Allow selection of color palette and markers
    - Allow selection of log display range using markers or depths
    - Allow regression tool to work on entire display or user selection

  • [Pro] ML FORCE COMPETITION survey is added to the list of free surveys

  • [Pro] Well log merger can now be accessed from the new well table

  • [Pro] The new version v7 (F3_Demo_2020 from Terranubis ) is required to
    freely use the dGB plugins

  • [SynthRock] Fixed abnormal memory consumption when computing synthetics

  • [ML] Fixed crash in machine learning data extraction if missing traces
    were present at the start of geometry.

  • [ML] Change startup and display of Tensorboard for better user experience

  • [ML] Fix for blocking of messages from the ML Bokeh Training User Interface

  • [ML] Fixed various Machine Learning user interface issues - Open only single instance of Unet 3D Fault Predictor dialog
    - Change the name of SeisImg2Img workflow
    - Remove platform choice from SeisImg2Img


July 15, 2020

  • [Pro] Fix for importing faults from Petrel

  • [Pro] Fix for plotting logs has spaces in names in Bokeh and LogTools

  • [Pro] Some improvements in Bokeh plots
    - Add box zoom option to toolbar
    - Set mouse wheel zoom active
    - Changes to log ranges are reset and not kept
    - Selecting extra logs to display is now updating the log display
    settings ( left and right values) correctly until the log
    is displayed

  • [ML] Fix for raising the Machine Learning application window
    on top of OpendTect

  • [ML] Machine Learning window was terminated instead of being minimized

  • [ML] Fixes in default selection of the Machine Learning model import dialog

  • [ML] Fix for tuncation of the begigging of the log file in Log viewer
    in MachineLearning training window

  • [ML] Enabled CmdDriver in Machine Learning control center window
    by using shortcut key 'Ctrl+R'.


July 3, 2020

  • [Pro] Log plot application has more settings to customize display

  • [DS] Fixed erratic results of 'Inversion+' when used with Planarity

  • [DS] Fix for wrong dip values while using Constant Direction option

  • [ML] Apply window appears behind the main window. It's now on top of the
    control center dialog.

  • [ML] Changed the interface for providing output names in the Machine Learning
    apply dialog

  • [ML] Import dialog reads only well markers when needed

  • [ML] Improved error message reporting in model import dialog

  • [ML] Fixed bug in initial volume sub selection when selecting examples for the
    Image to Image workflow

  • [ML] Fixed crash in model import dialog

  • [ML] Machine Learning data could not always be extracted if an input dataset
    name contained '/' character

  • [ML] Fixed shift in Machine Learning data log extraction causing a shift of
    the predicted output ( requires new data extraction and
    training of the model prior to the re-running the prediction )

  • [WCP] Maximum number of wells displayed in Well Correlation Panel is
    restricted to 20 also display the number of selected wells to the
    status bar

  • [WCP] Improved display in Well correlation panel window.