dGB Earth Sciences


September 03, 2020

  • System may hang when removing inline after scrolling from position window, fixed it

  • Added some additional tutorial video links

  • For windows users: There is now an executable to uninstall OpendTect, instead of a script

  • Fixed setting of firewall rules

  • Minor changes to start menu items

OpendTect Installer

September 01, 2020

  • More improvements for Installer - Added version number to start menu items - Using major version name instead of installation directory name - Common entry for OpendTect Installer in start menu - Different locations for start menu/Desktop entries for admin and non-admin modes


September 01, 2020

  • Fixed crash while exporting FaultSet

  • Fixed crash while changing 2D Horizons in export 2D Horizons window

  • Fix for working on SEG-Y import window after setting survey from SEG-Y

  • Fixed a few bugs related to creating a new survey for 2D only: - Layout - setting of CRS - setting of Z unit - setting of Z-range

  • Fix for python link error "System cannot find the drive specified"

  • Made python link aware of AppLocker policy on Windows platform

  • Some improvements in videos links

  • Added support for multiple videos in one dialog

  • Added video keys to for attribute videos

  • Added Video to survey dialog

  • Added video button to well import window

  • Fixed problem when renaming Wells and PointSets via manager

  • Fix for removing wells from memory when switching surveys

  • Fixed issues in well log merge workflow

  • Updated Examine icon

  • Fixed bug to check if new log already exists.

OpendTect Installer

August 26, 2020

  • Updated the status message if installation was aborted

  • Preparing offline package for MAC platform disabled


August 26, 2020

  • Fix for displaying Initial and Deterministic wavelets in Cross-checking parameters window

  • Scene tree items now have checkboxes

  • Fixed computation of integrated time-depth model for cropped well tracks

  • Some improvements in Bulk well track import -Supported Unsorted points -Datafiles missing the well head location (MD=0) -Tool can be used to add points on an existing track.

  • Some improvements in bulk log import -Added an option to name wells by their UWI instead of the well name -If the track is shorter than the MD range in the LAS file, it will get extended. -More information like Position, Ground level elevation, Operator, State and Country are retrieved from the LAS file

  • Fixed occasional crash when loading the well

  • Fixed text for Import Simple file menu item

  • Fixed copying CRS information while creating new survey from the existing survey

  • Channges in help menu: -Added new item 'Videos' -Modified link to Admin and Programmer manual -Added icons to menu items

  • Fixed crash while editing survey

  • Removed "CRS Position Conversion" menu item ( Same tools are included in the position conversion menu item )


August 7, 2020

  • Introduced well log merger tool in well manager window

  • Fix for crash in Edge Preserving Smoother for very large datasets

  • The location of temporary files created by OpendTect can be se with the OD_TMPDIR environment variable

  • The location of temporary files used by OpendTect is forwardded to the python processes launched by OpendTect

  • Fixed crash during 3D horizon import

  • Fixed crash when crossplot window is closed

OpendTect v6.6.0beta5

July 15, 2020

  • Fix for missing 'Settings' menu on MAC platform

OpendTect v6.6.0beta4

July 3, 2020

  • Some rework in user interface for better position conversion
    - Added combobox with N/S and E/W instead of a simple checkbox.
    - Fixed some issues when choosing different CRS.

  • Fixed conversion when lat/long given in DMS string

  • Added two popular python color tables: viridis and plasma

  • Some improvements in 2D viewer wiggle display

  • Fixed preview at seed position in tracker window.

  • Fixed problem picking in 2D viewer when both wiggles/vd displayed

OpendTect Installer:

July 15, 2020

  • Fixed crash at startup on RedHat linux systems