OpendTect Privacy Policy

Adapted 11th July 2016

dGB Beheer BV and its subsidiaries (here collectively called “dGB Earth Sciences”) collects data about the usage of the OpendTect Software, as well as the usage of the website as outlined in this document. The OpendTect Prostore website ( is governed by a separate privacy policy.

Website Usage

dGB’s website collects data about its users’ IP address(es), which pages have been visited and the timings thereof. This information is used to derive statistics to improve the website. The website uses cookies for technical functionality, but these cookies are not used to track users outside the website. Data that is voluntarily given on the website (e.g. by filling in a form) may be stored in databases controlled by dGB Earth Sciences and third parties to which dGB Earth Sciences has outsourced the management of such databases. This data may be used to contact the user to give support, updates and to promote products and other commercial services by dGB Earth Sciences and third parties that dGB Earth Sciences chooses to work with. E-mail addresses that are given voluntarily may also be added to newsletters and other similar e-mail lists.

Software usage

The OpendTect software collects anonymous data from the computer environment that it is running on:

  • Update checks: OpendTect, as well as the OpendTect installer, collects a unique system ID as well basic system property such as number of CPU’s, amount of memory when contacting the backend servers for new software releases. The unique system ID is hashed, and cannot be traced back to an individual user. The collected information is used together with the IP address of the request to monitor global software usage, user location (country only) as well platform statistics.
  • Crash reports: in the event of a malfunction of OpendTect, a crash report is generated. This crash report contains information that will help OpendTect’s developers to locate and fix the problem. The crash report is a text-file that contains:
    • Technical information about the crash.
    • Technical information about the computer such as amount of memory, number of computer cores and a unique system ID. The unique system ID is hashed, and cannot be used to identify the user.
    • Any comments the user adds to the crash report before sending it.

All data is viewable in clear text before it is transmitted. No data is transmitted without the active consent of the user. No application data, such as OpendTect projects (or parts thereof) is transmitted. The collected information is used by OpendTect’s developers to investigate the cause of the malfunction. If the user has identified himself in the comments he added, the crash report will be added to the user’s file by OpendTect’s developers, and OpendTect’s support may contact the user for more information, or to inform the user of fixes to the problem.


dGB Earth Sciences can be contacted at:

dGB Earth Sciences BV
Nijverheidstraat 11-2
7511JM Enschede
The Netherlands
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dGB Earth Sciences BV is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 08111182.


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