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dGB’s highly experienced scientists and engineers are available to tackle your interpretation problems, teach you how to use our software and to solve your problems by developing new software solutions.

We have all resources to create the best possible results for our clients. Long-term consultancy services can often be arranged through our network of OpendTect consultants.

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Consultancy & Training

Consultancy & Training

We offer consultancy services and training courses either on-site, or at our offices in Enschede, The Netherlands and Houston, Texas.

In 1-day, 3-days or 5-days training courses participants can be trained in all aspects of OpendTect. The focus in all courses is on learning how-to use the software. The 1-day training course covers basic interaction and seismic interpretation in OpendTect, the open source part of the system. Multi-day training courses also cover workflows in commercial parts of the system. These courses can be tuned to the client’s needs and are often combined with consultancy services in which lessons learned are applied to proprietary data sets.

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Self Study Course

All training material that is used during the dGB training course is available below.

Training Manual 7.0 HTML | 7.0 PDF
F3 Demo dataset

Interpretation Services

At our well-equipped offices in The Netherlands and the USA we offer advanced seismic interpretation services. Our experts have worked on data sets from around the globe. We have extensive experience in hydrocarbon exploration, field development, time-lapse monitoring, unconventional plays and geothermal studies.

Our specialties are:

HorizonCube & Sequence Stratigraphy Interpretations
Seismic Attributes & Filtering
Fluid Migration Path Interpretations
Quantitative Interpretations

Seismic Diffraction Imaging Service

dGB Earth Sciences offers seismic diffraction imaging (DI) in association with Moser Geophysical Services. An important benefit of this partnership is the integration of the leading edge of DI and reflection imaging with the advanced interpretation technologies of OpendTect.

Seismic diffraction is the response to subsurface discontinuity produced by faults, fractures, pinchouts etc. In conventional seismic processing, the rich detail of the diffraction events is masked by the much stronger reflection events. In diffraction imaging, we remigrate the data with a special filter to remove the reflection overprinting.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

OpendTect software development is funded by dGB from revenues generated through our “freemium” business model. We reinvest most of our income to improve and extend the system and to support our users. Much functionality in OpendTect and the commercial plugins has, however, been developed with financial support from commercial users. To get new functionality fast, paid software development projects are the way to go!

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