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FAQ Data Loading/Exporting

Q: I have/want Ascii data, in column/matrix format.
A: OpendTect supports many Ascii formats. Most loading is configurable via a generalized loading facility. Export is more limited, usually some basic options are given to export all the data into an Ascii file.

User Documentation Data Loading

Q: Do you load/export directly to 'name of product'?
A: No, but some commercial plugins do. We do have rather tight coupling with free software like Madagascar, GMT and Google Earth/Maps. We don’t support direct access to the common commercial data management products. There are commercial plugins that do connect rather direct to those systems.

User Documentation Import Seismics

Q: Can I load/export seismic data as Ascii (or simple binary)?
A: Yes. You can import/export data to/from the ‘Simple File’ format. Every trace needs to occupy one line, optionally the trace can start with a position. The input or output can be Ascii or binary. The simplest form is just a ‘matrix’ of data, with the trace sample values in the rows.

User Documentation Export Seismics

Q: How can I load SEG-Y files?
A: Please take a look at the link below.

User Documentation SEG-Y