"Having experience of more than 35 years in the field of Oil & gas exploration, we never came across such innovative solutions. Yes, let us give a fair chance to machine to guide us. Well, if machine's decision happens to be within our acceptable limits, it is OK, else we have to over-riding mandate to accept it or reject."
--Dr. N.P. Singh Dhillon Chief General Manager ONGC

"I am overwhelmed with the results from Faults & Fractures plugin."
--SBR Naik, Ex ONGC, Mumbai, India

"Many softwares offer coherency and curvature attributes, but those obtained through OpendTect's dip steering are really something different."
--Guilherme Fernandes Vazques, Senior Geophysicist, Petrobras

"Steered attribute generation, Neural Networks and 3D integration are the way to go."
--Andries Wever, Wintershall Noordzee

"These are very useful tools in petroleum exploration, especially in the early stage with limited well control."
--Jianyong Hou, JGI, Inc

"OpendTect provides comprehensive functionality at a price you cannot argue with. An important part of Roc's technology mix."
--David Masters, Ex Rocoil

"OpendTect helps you find your way through the attribute 'maze'."
--Tim Berge - Geophysicist, Consultant

"dGB's business model promotes sharing ideas and advancing technology together."
--Jean-Francois Dutzer, Geophysics R&D Manager, GdF-Suez

"With OpendTect and dGB, we have developed some proprietary analysis workflows in OpendTect that significantly reduce risks in both our development and exploration well programs. Thank you!"
--Donald Burch - Ex Aspect Abundant Shale, LP


"OpendTect provides state-of-the-art pattern recognition tools to complement your eyeball quantitatively."
--Leon Thomsen, Principal, Delta Geophysics, former Senior Advisor and Principal Geophysicist, BP, and former S.E.G. President

"Great combination: Attributes on the fly with powerful, low overhead visualization!"
--Jeff Lawton, Geophysicist, Bankers Petroleum

"OpendTect in short: Great Workbench - User Friendly - Superb Support -Improved Reservoir Imaging - Ulitmately: Mitigated Drilling and Production Risk."
--Dr. Rainer Tonn, Retired Geophysicist - Equinor

"My company has worked in partnership with dGB since 2001 to develop OpendTect plug-ins and the support we receive from dGB is always of the highest quality."
--Adrian Bennetton, ARK CLS

"OpendTect's attribute calculator and rapid visualization tools help me extract maximum information from our data volumes."
--Dave Maness, Maness Petroleum Corporation

"OpendTect's power and flexibility allows me to create innovative workflows that better address our exploration risk issues."
--Steve Clawson, Aspect Energy

"OpendTect's rich tool box brings great value to us.It allows us to implement our proprietary processes and workflows on the open platform."
--Bruce Shang, Ex Marathon Oil Corporation

"I am impressed with the breadth and depth of your software. It covers a very wide gamut of the exploration and development process, from advanced signal, fault and horizon analysis through 3D seismic interpretation and into rock physics, inversion, neural networks and more."
--Steven Tobias, NearFX

"The new PCA dip algorithm computes steep dips much better than the older methods."
--Colin Hawke, Principal Geophysicist, Ophir Energy

"dGB's flexible, fast-growing software portfolio gives individual users and large companies the possibility to be creative and the power to break barriers."
--Paul Meldahl, Retired Senior Geophysicist - Equinor

"The software of SSIS represents a quantum step forward in our ability to analyze the stratigraphic record. Viewing a 3D volume in a chronostratigraphic or Wheeler domain provides an entirely different perspective on the geological and stratigraphic aspects of a data volume. When overlain with systems tracts, this facilitates the search for elusive stratigraphic traps.These tools provide dynamic insights into the geological record: these have long been needed and now they are here!"
--Brad Macurda, The Energists

"I'm very happy with the software. I think there is a lot of potential in it and, most important, I'm confident of the big team of smart professionals working behind the project."
--Roberto Carlos Cidale, Geologist, Apco Argentina Inc

"Several of my client's 3D projects are in areas where subtle faulting can significantly impact their production, and having OpendTect's attribute tools such as Ridge Enhancement can really make a difference when deciding where to drill!"
--W. Michael "Mike" Cline, Consulting Geophysicist, T/X Resources

"The University, the Department of Oceanography and the Faculty and Graduate Students within the Department of Oceanography deeply appreciate the use of such a valuable tool."
--Dr. Willam Bryant, Texas A&M TAMU

"We greatly appreciate dGB's responsiveness to our business needs."
--Bruce Shang, Ex Marathon Oil Corporation


"dGB Earth Sciences managed a fairly complex project involving processing and analysis of multiple data sets, with a follow-up consultancy. I found their staff easy to work with throughout--communicative, flexible, innovative, reliable."
--Ron Masters, Ex Headwave

"This new licensing is great news and removes a big barrier for many users in the industry."
--Matt Hall, Equinor

"I was working with OpendTect, and suddenly decided to sign in to Linked-In to thank you all for making this software free, and for writing such wonderful manuals! What else can I say? I just love you."
--Mohamed A. Ezawi - MSc. Student - Michigan Technological University

"Thanks for your awesome product(s), great support, and helping aspiring geoscientists on their path."
--Curtis A. Link, Ph.D., Dir. Freshman Engineering, Professor Emeritus, MontanaTech, The University of Montana

"We want to sincerely express appreciate to dGB for donating OpendTect to our University, and for giving a scintillating lecture on of the operational principle and case histories of the software early this year. Since the installation of OpendTect in our University, the quality of our teaching and research has significantly improved. We now have several students using one aspect or the other of the OpendTect for their projects (BSc, MSc and PhD). Indeed, this software is world-class and highly innovative."
--Dr. Adepelumi Adekunle Abraham, Senior Lecturer in Geophysics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

"It's great working with dGB for R&D and MSc student projects."
--Dr. Roger Clark - School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds

"OpendTect is the most powerful software for seismic interpretation I've ever used. With an impressive 3D visualization technique and its complete suite of additional functionalities, I sincerely recommend it to everybody interested in seismic exploration and interpretation."
--David Gamez Ortiz, ESCET. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

"You never fully appreciate the implications of a sequence-stratigraphic interpretation until you've transformed it into a Wheeler diagram."
--P.R. Vail, Rice University, 1987