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OpendTect Pro

OpendTect Pro is the extended version of OpendTect for professional users. For only 2,200.- USD per user per year (node-locked license), OpendTect Pro users benefit from extra functionality and premium support. Only OpendTect Pro users can extend their system by acquiring a range of cutting edge commercial plugins on top of OpendTect Pro.

Please visit the OpendTect Pro store to buy a subscription today.

"OpendTect in short: Great Workbench - User Friendly - Superb Support -Improved Reservoir Imaging - Ultimately: Mitigated Drilling and Production Risk."
--Dr. Rainer Tonn, Equinor

  • PetrelDirect data connectivity to Petrel* via a free Petrel* plugin
  • Basemap + Mapping
  • PDF-3D for sharing images
  • Accurate ray-tracer for mutes, angle stacks, AVA attributes
  • Shapefiles, RBF gridder, ....
  • Thalweg tracker for seismic facies tracking
  • Well Table with additional log plots & cross-plots
  • Horizon Mathematics (3D & 2D)
  • Horizons from well markers
  • Create 3D bodies from polygons

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger.

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The Thalweg Tracker

The Thalweg Tracker is a special kind of 3D connectivity filter that can follow the path of least resistance (=Thalweg).

  • Seismic facies tracker
  • Input generator for Machine Learning workflows


  • Pointsets with tracking attributes
  • Horizons with tracking attributes
  • 3D bodies.

The Basemap

The Basemap is a utility that provides a map view of project data and enables the creation of maps. Features:

  • Interactively adding and controlling visualization elements in 2D and 3D viewers
  • Especially useful in 2D seismic interpretation projects
  • More gridding and annotation options incl. support of shape files for better maps.
Well Data

Well Data

Additional tools for better management of well data and log analysis. Features:

  • Well Data Table
  • New log plots
  • New cross-plots
  • These tools were developed for QC-ing and editing of well logs for Machine Learning workflows


A utility to grab a 3D OpendTect scene and save this in a 3D PDF, or glTF format for sharing with others.

  • Grab a scene with seismic, horizons, wells etcetera and save in 3D PDF or glTF
  • 3D PDF files are supported in several free softwares incl. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • glTF is supported in modern browsers; The interactive images on this page are glTF files.
Horizon Math

Horizon Math

Mathematics on horizons and horizon data, e.g., for Time/Depth conversion of seismic interpretation grids.

  • Basic math (+,-,*,/,^)
  • Functions (exp, ln, sin,…)
  • Logical (<,==, &&, …)
  • Statistical (rand, min, avg, …)
  • Constants (pi, e, undef)
  • Other (inl, crl, X, Y)