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OpendTect Pro

OpendTect Pro is the extended version of OpendTect for professional users. For only 2,000.- USD per user per year, OpendTect Pro users benefit from extra functionality and priority support. Only OpendTect Pro users can extend their system by renting or purchasing a range of cutting edge commercial plugins on top of OpendTect Pro.

All commercial plugins can be rented directly in our OpendTect Pro store, and are also available as attractive packages, wich can be rented per month or year.

"OpendTect in short: Great Workbench - User Friendly - Superb Support -Improved Reservoir Imaging - Ultimately: Mitigated Drilling and Production Risk."
--Dr. Rainer Tonn, Equinor

  • PetrelDirect data connectivity to Petrel* via a free Petrel* plugin
  • Basemap + Mapping
  • PDF-3D for sharing images
  • Accurate ray-tracer for mutes, angle stacks, AVA attributes
  • Shapefiles, RBF gridder, ....
  • Thalweg tracker for seismic facies tracking
  • Well Table with additional log plots & cross-plots
  • Horizon Mathematics (3D & 2D)
  • Horizons from well markers
  • Create 3D bodies from polygons

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger.

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The Thalweg Tracker

The Thalweg Tracker is a special kind of 3D connectivity filter that can follow the path of least resistance (=Thalweg).

  • Seismic facies tracker
  • Input generator for Machine Learning workflows


  • Pointsets with tracking attributes
  • Horizons with tracking attributes
  • 3D bodies.

The Basemap

The Basemap is a utility that provides a map view of project data and enables the creation of maps. Features:

  • Interactively adding and controlling visualization elements in 2D and 3D viewers
  • Especially useful in 2D seismic interpretation projects
  • More gridding and annotation options incl. support of shape files for better maps.
Well Data

Well Data

Additional tools for better management of well data and log analysis. Features:

  • Well Data Table
  • New log plots
  • New cross-plots
  • These tools were developed for QC-ing and editing of well logs for Machine Learning workflows


A utility to grab a 3D OpendTect scene and save this in a 3D PDF, or glTF format for sharing with others.

  • Grab a scene with seismic, horizons, wells etcetera and save in 3D PDF or glTF
  • 3D PDF files are supported in several free softwares incl. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • glTF is supported in modern browsers; The interactive images on this page are glTF files.
Horizon Math

Horizon Math

Mathematics on horizons and horizon data, e.g., for Time/Depth conversion of seismic interpretation grids.

  • Basic math (+,-,*,/,^)
  • Functions (exp, ln, sin,…)
  • Logical (<,==, &&, …)
  • Statistical (rand, min, avg, …)
  • Constants (pi, e, undef)
  • Other (inl, crl, X, Y)