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Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System

The Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System plugin (SSIS) is used to analyze the stratigraphic record in (relative) geologic time. The analysis increases our understanding of depositional systems and is instrumental to finding stratigraphic traps. SSIS is an add-on to the HorizonCube. It supports 2D and 3D Wheeler transformations (flattening) and systems tracts interpretations using chrono-stratigraphic horizons from the HorizonCube.

"The software of SSIS represents a quantum step forward in our ability to analyze the stratigraphic record. Viewing a 3D volume in a chronostratigraphic or Wheeler domain provides an entirely different perspective on the geological and stratigraphic aspects of a data volume. When overlain with systems tracts, this facilitates the search for elusive stratigraphic traps.These tools provide dynamic insights into the geological record: these have long been needed and now they are here!"
--Brad Macurda, The Energists

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.



SSIS supports the following features:

  • Wheeler transformation (Flattening) of 2D and 3D seismic data
  • Movie-style time-slicing in Wheeler space to visualize stratigraphic details that are not obscured by structural deformation
  • Blanking unconformities and condensed sections in Wheeler space. In this mode we can study how depositional centers shifted over geologic time (basin-wards, or land-wards), which helps in assigning systems tracts
  • Systems tracts interpretation based on the industry-standard model of choice (all popular models are supported), or on a user-defined model
  • Automatic base level reconstruction and identification of sequence boundaries and other stratigraphic events.

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