Empowering Research and Education in Geosciences

OpendTect's comprehensive seismic interpretation suite is revolutionizing the academic landscape by offering full access to its commercial features for research and educational purposes. Recognizing the importance of high-quality tools in fostering innovation and learning, dGB Earth Sciences proudly supports academic institutions worldwide with free licenses. Join over 500 universities globally that are advancing the frontiers of geosciences with OpendTect.

If you're interested in using OpendTect for academic use, please visit our Academic Licenses page for more information on obtaining and qualifying for a license.


Why OpendTect for Academics?

No-Cost Access: Full use of OpendTect's commercial features at no charge for academic research and education.
Real-World Tools: Prepare students with hands-on experience using industry-standard software.
Research Advancement: Drive forward geoscientific research with cutting-edge tools and workflows.


Worldwide Use in Academics

The Interactive map shows Universities all over the world using OpendTect in their research and education. See if your University is already on our list, or apply for an academic license.