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Commercial Plugins - OpendTect Pro

OpendTect Pro is the extended version of OpendTect for professional users. For only 2,200.- USD per user per year (node-locked license), OpendTect Pro users benefit from extra functionality and premium support. Only OpendTect Pro users can extend their system by acquiring a range of cutting edge commercial plugins on top of OpendTect Pro.

Please visit the OpendTect Pro store to buy a subscription today.


OpendTect Pro offers the following extra features:

  • PetrelDirect, A direct two-way link to Petrel*
  • Thalweg Tracker, a unique seismic facies tracker for isolating channels and other sedimentary features
  • PDF3D, a utility to capture a scene in OpendTect and save it as interactive 3D PDF file for sharing with others
  • Basemap to interactively populate a 3D scene, to launch 2D viewers and to generate maps
  • Raytracer for creating mutes, angle stacks and AVA attributes.
  • The option to extend the platform by renting or purchasing commercial plugins on top of OpendTect Pro.**

*is a mark of Schlumberger.

**All commercial plugins need OpendTect Pro to run.