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SynthRock is a forward seismic modeling- and probabilistic inversion package for qualitative- and quantitative seismic data analysis. It supports pre- and post-stack synthetic seismic modeling of wedges, cross-sections, 3D models, and stochastic models (pseudo-wells). Synthetics of stochastic models can be cross-matched against real seismic volumes to predict rock property volumes with uncertainties (HitCube trace-matching inversion).

"These are very useful tools in petroleum exploration, especially in the early stage with limited well control."
--Jianyong Hou, JGI, Inc

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.

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SynthRock supports the following features:

  • Modeling based on a user-defined, hierarchical framework that integrates stratigraphy, lithology and rock-physics
  • Integrated rock-physics library and Gassmann Fluid Substitution
  • Zoeppritz-based forward synthetic seismogram generator to create pre- and post-stack seismic products, optionally with mode conversions (PP, PS) and multiples
  • Profile Module for building synthetic seismic cross-sections and simple wedge models for sensitivity testing
  • Volume Module for modeling pre-stack gathers at any seismic location and/or to build 3D synthetic cubes
  • Stochastic Module for building catalogs of stochastically varied pseudo-wells (1D models without a spatial position)
  • Pre- and post-stack HitCube trace-matching inversion from 2D, or 3D seismic inputs to predict rock properties with uncertainties. In pre-stack mode up to 5 input volumes can be matched simultaneously.

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