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Estimages M-GS Destriping is a footprint removal tool now available in 3D. The algorithm uses geostatistics to quickly and efficiently remove a striping effect. This plugin marks the integration of advanced denoising solutions into the powerful interpretation platform: OpendTect Pro.

All commercial plugins require OpendTect Pro.

Dragbar MGS Destriping Plugin
Slide MGS Destriping Plugin 1 Slide MGS Destriping Plugin 2


  • A semi automatic Factorial Kriging solution
  • M-GS© (Moving GeoStatistics) based solution
  • A simple user experience
  • Efficiently removes striping effects
  • Short calculation time
  • Affordable.

This plugin can be chained as part of a data conditioning workflows, in order to enhance your 3D seismic data, to give a sharper, clearer image of the geology. It brings higher confidence horizon interpretation, easier fault interpretation, more reliable attribute analysis and clearer visibility of subtle features.

The only user input that is required is to enter the stripes ‘width. This semi-automatic filtering tool will then remove them almost instantaneously.

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