When I try to pick horizons the picks do not appear where they are picked, why is this happening and what is the solution?

Very likely you are using a 4K/8K screen and these screens are not yet fully supported in OpendTect. We are working on a fix.
We have found a few useful workarounds in the meantime that can resolve the offset pick/display issues until we have a satisfactory fix in place for supporting these screens.
Keeping the 4K (3840x2160) resolution but changing the scaling (from the default 250%) to 175% prevents offset on the primary screen in almost all of the cases we have so far encountered.
If using a second monitor, matching the two screens' resolution & scaling has been found to be a method allowing consistent picking between screens and monitors. (i.e.: moving the OpendTect UI between the two screens can be done without creating any offset issues.)

OpendTect starts with a popup that scanned my graphics card and shows the warning message 'Intel card found. If your computer has multiple graphics cards, consider switching from the integrated graphics.'. How do I switch to the Nvidia card on Windows?

For a detailed guide on how to switch to the Nvidia card on Windows please read the following chapters from the OpendTect Administrator's Manual:

How do I rotate/zoom/pan the display?

There are many ways, depending on what you want. Usually, people use the thumb wheels and zoom slider to rotate all scenes, and the mouse+mouse buttons to interact with a single scene. Please take a look at the following resources:

I have loaded my data but the seismic sections display either black (3D) or red (2D). What can I do?

Most 3D display issues can be solved by the following two steps:

  • Update your graphics drivers to the latest version
  • Go to Utilities > Settings > Look and Feel... Switch off the relevant shading option and set the resolution to standard
  • Re-start OpendTect.

Please also take a look at our System Requirements page.

Sometimes, especially on laptops and notebooks, or when using low resolution, some OpendTect windows will not fit properly into the screen and cannot be reduced in size. How do I get around this problem?

Resize the icons and the font sizes.