Extend the Power of OpendTect with Tailored Plugins

Empower your enterprise's seismic interpretation capabilities with custom plugins developed for OpendTect's versatile API. Whether you're looking to enhance existing functionalities or integrate new, bespoke features, our API serves as the backbone for limitless innovation. Opt for collaboration with dGB's experts, or let us handle the entire development process to create plugins that fit your specific geological challenges.


Why Custom Plugins?

Leverage Tailored Solutions: Address unique geological scenarios with tools designed specifically for your needs.
Integrate Seamlessly: Ensure new plugins work smoothly within the OpendTect environment, maintaining system integrity and user experience.
Boost Productivity: Streamline workflows with custom automations and functionalities, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.


Do-It-Yourself with API Access:

Access to OpendTect API: Receive full access to our robust API with comprehensive documentation.
Community Support: Engage with the OpendTect community for insights and shared innovation.
Freedom to Innovate: Develop in-house plugins with the flexibility to iterate and evolve your tools.

Collaborative Development:

Partner with dGB Experts: Work alongside our seasoned geoscientists and developers to co-create plugins.
Guided Development Process: Benefit from our expertise at every step, from conceptualization to implementation.
Shared Knowledge: Gain valuable insights and skills transfer during the collaborative development.

Full-Service Custom Development:

Turnkey Plugin Creation: Entrust your plugin development to dGB, where our team handles the entire process.
Tailored to Your Specifications: Share your requirements and let our experts deliver a polished, ready-to-deploy plugin.
Ongoing Support: Receive dedicated support and updates for your custom plugins.