Hi all,

With our upcoming release 6.6.4 we will also release a new free data set for developing and testing Machine Learning applications in OpendTect.

Join our Machine Learning challenge on a brand new free dataset from Delft, The Netherlands

The 3D seismic data is a time-converted PSDM volume with a bin-size of 20x20m. It comes with a Thinned Fault Likelihood volume, 9 interpreted horizons and 10 wells with logs and markers. As of OpendTect v6.6.4, the software will not check for license keys when you work in this survey. The OpendTect ML Development community will be challenged to improve our current best Machine Learning solution for fault predictions on this data set. For more information about this challenge, please join our community on Discord

The Delft seismic dataset is downloadable from our TerraNubis cloud portal.

Please note that you need to upgrade to 6.6.4 (available as of mid July) in order to test the Machine Learning applications on this dataset.