dGB Earth Sciences is thrilled to introduce our company's presence in Malaysia and present an exciting talk on "Seismic Diffraction Imaging - Solving Seismic Imaging Challenges" at the Kuala Lumpur Geoscientists Group lecture on

🗓️ Thursday, October 5th, at 5:00 PM.
📍 Venue: The conference room at Eamp;O in KL (see slider for more details)
📝 RSVP Here

Seismic Diffraction Imaging (DI) is a game-changer in seismic exploration, extending resolution and detectability to uncover fault lines, fractures, and other hidden subsurface features. Our presentation will cover the fundamentals of this innovative method, along with real data examples showcasing its power, including insights into fractured basement structures.

Learn how DI effectively reveals basement faults and fractures, overcoming the challenges posed by low-frequency reflections and overburden multiples. Traditional discontinuity attributes fall short in this context, making DI an indispensable tool.

Our presentation will also touch on intriguing topics such as Fluid Escape Pipes, Stratigraphic DI, and Injectites, providing a comprehensive exploration of this fascinating subject.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your understanding of seismic imaging. RSVP now and mark your calendar for October 5th! We look forward to your participation and lively discussions.