Dip Steering is a commercial plugin of OpendTect Pro for computing and using dip and azimuth volumes (Steering Cubes) from seismic data. This powerful tool enables users to:

  • Apply structurally oriented filters
  • Extract mult-trace attributes along seismic reflectors
  • Compute volume curvature attributes
  • Extract horizons individually, or as a dense set (HorizonCube) using inversion-based flattening algorithms.

Improving multi-trace attributes

Here, we show an example of the power of utilizing dip / azimuth information in the computation of multi-trace attributes. Similarity, a kind of coherency attribute, is a popular attribute in OpendTect to visualize and detect geological features. In the slider below we compare a similarity attribute computed with and without (dip-)steering. Note the much better continuity of stratigraphic features and the suppressed left-to-right footprints on the Dip-steered similarity. The example is from the Taranaki basin in New Zealand.

Dip Steering can be rented directly from our Pro store.