OpendTect is committed to supporting the OSDUTM data platform as developed by the Open Group OSDUTM Forum. As an active member, we contributed to testing OSDU solutions developed for 3D seismic storage and access. Our work for OSDU resulted in the support of two new 3D seismic formats in OpendTect Pro v7: OpenVDS (Bluware) and OpenZGY (SLB). At the moment we support file-based storage and I/O. In future this will be extended to cloud-based data access.

With the addition of OpenVDS and OpenZGY, we now support four formats for storing 3D seismic data volumes. In the community version (OpendTect), users can store data in CBVS (OpendTect’s internal format) and in SEG-Y format. The latter is recommended in case the data is loaded from SEG-Y as this avoids data duplication. Seismic data stored in these formats loads fast in the in-line direction, not so fast in the cross-line direction and rather slow in the Z-slice direction.

In OpendTect Pro, users have the option to access their data in OpenVDS or OpenZGY format. Both formats organize data into bricks resulting in fast data loading in all directions. OpenVDS and OpenZGY volumes can also be used for quick setup of your OpendTect project.

Please note that the best user experience (movie-style update of images while moving) is obtained when you pre-load data into memory (see video clip). Our motto: if you have the memory, use it!