Seismic attribute analysis has been an integral part of seismic interpretation workflows for decades. We can compute numerous attributes from seismic data and use them to interpret structural, stratigraphical, and DHI anomalies.

Our attribute engine supports the most advanced seismic attributes in our industry. Here are some examples:

  • Pre-stack attributes
  • Ability to create attributes-from-attributes using math and logic
  • Interactive evaluation of attributes and movie-style inspection of attribute parameters on any seismic display element
  • Multi-machine, multi-platform, distributed batch processing

The attribute engine allows users to do the following operations on horizon or seismic section:

  • Evaluate the attribute,
  • Calculate the attribute on the fly,
  • Create an output attribute 2D/3D

We also have an extensive set of industry-standard attributes and filters

The video highlights a few examples of powerful attributes depicting geological and geophysical anomalies from Taranaki Basin/ New Zealand.