Dear OpendTect Users,

We have made a patch release for our latest stable version: OpendTect 6.6.9, which is now available for installation/update. We are proud to announce that this release is the first one fully certified by Red Hat.

OpendTect patch release 6.6.9

To install or update to the new version, either use the 'Installation -> Update' option from the Utilities menu in OpendTect or download the Installation Manager from our download center

For a complete list of improvements and bug-fixes that are included in the 6.6.9 release, please refer to the release notes.

The new version of OpendTect comes with updated license management executables (lmgrd, lmutil, dgbld) in FlexNet v11.19.2. OpendTect v6.6 will continue to be fully compatible with all license daemon versions down to v11.15.1. Please note however that the next major release of OpendTect, v7.0, will require a minimum license daemon in version 11.17.2. It is thus strongly recommended to replace on your license server the executables listed above by the newer FlexNet versions provided in this release. The latest FlexNet version for all platforms can always be downloaded from the Download FlexNet Vendors Packages page.These versions are updated regularly.

The patch release OpendTect 6.6.10 is now available for installation/update.