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  • Free webinar: Past, Present, and Future of AI in Seismic Studies

    I am excited to share that Dr. Paul de Groot and I will be presenting a webinar titled "Past, Present, and Future of AI in Seismic Studies" on 23 May 2024 at 18:30 PM CET.

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  • Expanding OpendTect for Everyone

    Just a few months back, we embarked on a mission with a focused funding campaign for a new, innovative feature in OpendTect. Thanks to the incredible support and pledges from our community, we're inspired to broaden our horizons. We're now transitioning to a more inclusive campaign, inviting everyone to contribute. Your donations are pivotal in driving the continuous expansion of OpendTect, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge tool in geosciences across both academic and corporate realms.

    Why Contribute?

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  • Seismic Attribute Computation by the WMPlugin's External Attribute Plugin is Now Available for Viewing

    Following the overwhelming response to our previous webinar, where Wayne Mogg, an OpendTect power user and coding guru, showcased the intricacies of using ODBind for seismic attribute calculations, we're thrilled to present the next chapter in this enlightening journey.

    In this second installment, Wayne focuses on harnessing the power of Python in OpendTect, facilitated by the innovative WMPlugins external attribute plugin.

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