dGB Earth Sciences - 25 years

Supported Functionality


OpendTect Suite of Software Products



OpendTect Pro

Geoscience Package

Sequence Stratigraphy Package

Attributes & Filters Package

Inversion & Rock Physics Package

Data IO


SEG-Y manipulator to edit non-standard SEG-Y

Use SEG-Y "as is"

No data duplication

Access to Petrel*

Direct link or copy data both ways

Access to SeisWorks and GeoFrame-IESX

Copy data both ways


2D Viewers

Wiggle + variable density

3D Viewers

Multiple scenes in different domains (time, depth, ...)

Pre-stack viewers

In 3D scene and flat viewers

Stereo viewing

Red-Cyan or Quad Buffer

Volume rendering

Interactive opacity editing

RGB(A) blending

Volumes, horizons, sections


Multi-dimensional cross-plot tool

Auto Tracking (2D, 3D, faults, objects, ...)

3D Horizon tracker

Amplitude & Similarity (dip guided using Dip Steering plugin)

2D Horizon tracker

Amplitude & Similarity (dip guided using Dip Steering plugin)

Unconformity tracker

Inversion-based flattening

Seismic facies tracker

Thalweg tracker

3D Object tracker

Voxel Connectivity Filter

Attributes & Filters

Interactive multi-volume attribute analysis

On-the-fly parameter testing

"Standard" attributes and filters

Energy, Similarity, Instantaneous Attributes, Sweetness, ...

Texture attributes

GLCM based texture attributes for geo-morphologies

Volume curvature attributes

Measures the curvedness of the dip-field

Spectral Decomposition

Short window FFT, CWT, EMD, EEMD and CEEMD

Mathematics & Logics

Functions, operations, "IF... THEN... ELSE..." etc.

Attributes from attributes

Create your own attributes by chaining attributes

4D Volume alignment

Match delta and Delta resample attributes

Pattern recognition

Fingerprint attribute

AVO and AVA attributes

Intercept, Gradient and derivatives

Ridge filters

Ridge enhancement filter

Structurally Oriented Filters

Dip-steered Median Filter, Fault Enhancement Filter, ...

Resolution enhancement filters

Spectral Blueing

Fault Attributes

Thinned Fault Likelyhood, Dip-Steered Similarity, ...

Fracture Attributes

Curvature, density, proximity, basement, ...

Stratigraphic Attributes

Dip-steered attributes: texture, volume statistics, ...

Hydrocarbon Anomaly Enhancement

Fluid Contact Finder, Seismic Feature Enhancement

Supervised neural network object detection

Chimney Cube, Fault Cube, Salt Cube, ...

Unsupervised neural network 3D segmentation

3D seismic facies volume

Unsupervised waveform segmentation

Neural Networks; Seismic Facies Maps

General Computing

Distributed computing & parallelization

For batch processing and fast on-the-fly computation

General Interpretation

Velocity Model Building

3D model builder and velocity conversion tools

Time Depth Conversion

Two-way, on-the-fly conversion

Stratigraphic flattening

Flattens a 3D scene on a given horizon

Manual interpretation

Points, bodies, polygons, fault sticks, planes, ...


Sharing 3D PDF images

Grabs a 3D scene and saves it in pdf format

Wells and Modeling

Stratigraphic model

Optional model ties stratigraphy to markers + horizons

Wells, markers, logs

IO and basic editing

Synthetic-to-seismic well tie

Supports stretch & squeeze

Wavelet estimation

Stochastic & deterministic; Synthetic wavelets

Pre-stack synthetics

Zoeppritz solution through "flat-earth": P, S, and multiples

Cross-sections, wedge models, volume synthetics

SynthRock plugin; Gassmann fluid replacement

Stochastic pseudo-well modeling

SynthRock stochastic pseudo-wells

Well Log Correlation

Well Correlation Panel to QC and edit markers

Rock Physics Library

Compute new logs using "standard" or private equations

Mapping, gridding, contouring

Gridding, contouring

Inverse distance, curvature, triangulation

Dip-steered gridding

Interpolates via the seismic dip

Basemap, shapefiles, mapping

Improves the user interaction in OpendTect

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic functionality

2D/3D Global Interpretation

2D + 3D HorizonCube

2D/3D Wheeler transformation

Transforming seismic using HorizonCube events

2D/3D systems tracts interpretation

SSIS plugin

3D Body Extraction

Extract 3D bodies from horizon geometries + attributes

Depositional Attributes

HorizonCube density and thickness attributes

Multi-horizon visualization & manipulation

2D and 3D HorizonCube sliders

Quantitative Interpretation functionality

Coloured Inversion - AI, EI, EEI

Seismic Coloured Inversion

Net Pay Prediction

Seismic Net Pay

Seismic consistent Low Frequency Model Building

HorizonCube guided low frequency model

Deterministic Inversion AI, EI, EEI

Deterministic Inversion

Stochastic Inversion AI, EI, EEI

Multi-Point Stochastic Inversion

HitCube inversion

SynthRock matching stochastic synthetics + real seismic

Neural Network Inversion

Maps seismic (impedances) to rock properties