Thursday 23 March - 4 pm CET

On Thursday the 23rd of March Dr. Paul de Groot from dGB Earth Sciences will present an economically viable alternative to conventional geothermal solutions in low enthalpy environments.

The Low Unit Cost 'LUC' geothermal solution uses established drilling techniques to harvest heat from mid-temperature reservoirs (around 70 C) for district heating and heating of greenhouses. Heat is extracted under low pressures from a doublet (injector + producer well) at depths between 1500 and 2500 m. The design of the doublet is based on extensive testing of an exploration well, which is drilled first. This dynamic design opens the door to geothermal development of lesser quality reservoirs. The smaller size of LUCs as compared to conventional systems means heat can be harvested in urban environments close to consumers.

Paul will present two candidate LUC projects from the east of The Netherlands and compare technical, financial and economic parameters of these LUCs with two representative conventional systems.

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