Check out the recording here: OpendTect Webinar: odbind Python module an open source Python binding to OpendTect project data

In this webinar, Wayne Mogg, an OpendTect power user and programming guru, takes you through the odbind Python Module. He demonstrates how you can leverage this new technology to effortlessly access OpendTect seismic and well data directly from a Jupyter notebook.

The odbind Python module, along with the OpendTect C++ plugin, is now seamlessly integrated into OpendTect version 7.0.3. This integration opens up a world of possibilities by providing you with a Python API to access your OpendTect project data with ease.

Key Highlights:

  • Access multiple surveys within a single session.
  • Handle large datasets like seismic volumes and horizons effortlessly.
  • Manipulate OpendTect project data using advanced Python data types such as Pandas DataFrames and Xarray DataArrays/DataSets.
  • Efficient memory management for large data, ensuring optimal performance.

The best part? The odbind module and plugin are compatible with all recent Python interpreter versions (>=3.7). No need to run the OpendTect application separately – just install OpendTect, and you're ready to harness the power of this cutting-edge module.