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OpendTect Technology - Webinar series 2022

Date Topic Presenter
24-03-2022 RECORDING - Accelerate the path from Machine Learning R&D to operational deployment Paul de Groot
14-04-2022 RECORDING - High-resolution 3D segmentation of waveforms for quick geomorphological analysis Friso Brouwer
12-05-2022 RECORDING - Spectral Decomposition Michael Micenko
16-06-2022 RECORDING - Systems tracts interpretation in OpendTect Kristoffer Rimaila
25-08-2022 RECORDING - OpendTect Pro and Petrel Assia Lakhlifi
22-09-2022 RECORDING - Thalweg tracker Paul de Groot
17-11-2022 RECORDING - Cleaning up your data - Dip Steering and other filters Paul de Groot
15-12-2022 RECORDING - Machine Learning with SynthRock link Hardeep Jaglan
19-01-2023 RECORDING - Faults and Fractures Hesham Refayee