It is well known that there is a world-wide decrease of unexplored easy-to find structural traps. Consequently, we must turn our attention to subtle petroleum reservoirs such as stratigraphic traps, i.e. traps that are formed as a result of lateral and vertical variations in the thickness, texture, porosity or lithology of the reservoir rock.

Examples of this type of trap are an unconformity trap, a lens trap and a reef trap. These subtle traps require an overall more detailed analysis, thus increasing the need to extract more information from seismic data. One of the tools at hand, seismic sequence stratigraphy, has proved to have a great predictive potential for lithology and consequently reservoir, source rock and seal potential.

dGB offers complete seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation studies, that include:

  • Chronostratigraphic horizon tracking
  • Wheeler transformed seismic data (2D and 3D)
  • Full systems tracts interpretations
  • Seismic facies mapping
  • Attributes analysis for visualization of Paleo-geomorphological features
  • Etc.

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