We use OpendTect and plugins in our service work to enhance seismic data and to extract and interpret seismic attributes. Our service work in this field includes among others: cleaning up seismic data by removing noise, sharpening faults, detecting fractures, increasing the vertical seismic resolution, enhancing subtle hydrocarbon anomalies, creating and analyzing AvO attributes and interpreting seismic patterns and objects.

dGB conducts exclusive, tailor made studies on behalf of international E&P companies and National Oil Companies. Studies typically involve integration of geological knowledge, well data and seismic data, for which we use OpendTect as well as 3rd party software products. The study objectives may vary from regional exploration (object detection, fluid migration history, sequence stratigraphy) to qualitative and quantitative interpretations to support understanding of reservoir distributions and properties.

Attribute analysis requires a geologic mind and a system that supports multi-volume, interactive analysis. That is what OpendTect is all about! You zoom in on your target. You calculate attributes on-the-fly. You test attribute parameters in movie-style fashion. You calculate attributes from attributes. You create your own attributes and filters using math and logic. In other words: the total number of attributes in OpendTect is unlimited. This gives you total freedom to use your full expertise. The commercial plugins to OpendTect give you even more power.