From 10th August to 16th October 2020 FORCE with help from AGILE will arrange a globally open machine learning contest. They want to find the team that is best at predicting lithology and the stratigraphy in wells in the North Sea. A curated public dataset is being prepared by them and will also be downloadable on TerraNubis in OpendTect format from August 10th.

The FORCE Machine Learning competition 2020

TerraNubis is a commercial marketplace for value-added seismic products. The competition dataset will be free to download and to use in OpendTect. dGB Earth Sciences supports the FORCE competition by supplying you with the new machine learning system in OpendTect. You will be able to use all free and proprietary plugins on the competition data sets, which are also pre-loaded in a downloadable survey for instant use in OpendTect.

Follow the steps below to install OpendTect 6.6 and download the complete datasets for the competition.
step 1:

Download the installer for
Opendtect 6.6
step 2:

Download the datasets for the competition
On TerraNubis
FORCE ML Competition 2020
FORCE ML Competition 2020 Synthetic Models and Wells

Getting started

Also, be sure to join us on a weekly online Q&A that will start in the week after the start of the competition. Our team will answer questions about software usage and about developing new deep learning models in the Python / Keras part of the environment.