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Thank you for choosing OpendTect as your seismic interpretation platform. OpendTect is completely free and does not require any license keys to run. OpendTect Pro and all commercial plugins require license keys to run. You can also test these without a license key in our F3 demo, Penobscot, FORCE ML Competition 2020 and FORCE ML Competition 2020 Synthetic Models and Wells and Delft datasets.

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Administrators Manual
Release notes: OpendTect 6.6.7 | OpendTect 6.4.6 | dGB Plugins 6.4.6

Please note that 4K/8K screens are not fully supported yet. This depends on the scaling factor. We are working on a fix.
Please see the FAQ Visualization for a possible workaround.

Other Downloads

OpendTect Pro plugin for Petrel*

This is a data access plugin for Petrel* which allows OpendTect Pro users to seamlessly exchange data to and from the Petrel* data store. This plugin has to be installed in Petrel* itself.

OpendTect Pro plugin for Petrel* download page

FlexNet Vendor Packages

System Administrators can here download the FlexNet vendor packages that contain the binaries they need:

FlexNet Vendor Packages download page

Need Help?

If you need help during installation, please reach out to our active online communities. Priority support is available for our commercial users. You can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger.