A unique piece of functionality in OpendTect Pro is the Thalweg tracker.

A Thalweg tracker is a 3D amplitude tracker that grows 3D bodies along the path of least resistance. The tracker has two main applications:

  1. to detect and isolate 3D bodies of sedimentary features such as channels, lobes, splays, and reef buildups, and
  2. to create labels for supervised Machine Learning seismic facies segmentation workflows.

Thalweg Tracker: Geobodies Extraction tool

The tracker supports 4 output options:

  1. pointsets,
  2. horizons,
  3. cubes,
  4. bodies.

The last option has been improved considerably in the last release. In this short video, we demonstrate the extraction of two 3D bodies in a dataset from the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand.
First, we extract a channel and then a seismic anomaly.

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