Free webinar - Thursday 18 January - 11 am CET by Wayne Mogg

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The new Python module and associated OpendTect C++ plugin is included in OpendTect version 7.0.3. and offers the possibility to access your OpendTect project data through a Python API.

As a direct binding to the OpendTect C++ API the odbind Python module provides fast, direct access to data in your OpendTect projects making access to large data objects such as seismic and horizons possible from Python.

Key features of this new OpendTect technology including:

  • Access multiple surveys in a single session.
  • Access large data like seismic volumes and horizons.
  • Manipulate OpendTect project data using advanced Python data types like Pandas DataFrames and Xarray DataArrays/DataSets.
  • Memory for large data like seismic and horizons is allocated and managed by the Python interpreter.

The module and plugin shipped with OpendTect works with all recent versions (>=3.7) of the Python interpreter.
OpendTect only needs to be installed, no need to run the OpendTect application to use the module.

In the webinar, Wayne will review the new technology and demonstrate using it to access OpendTect seismic and well data from a Jupyter notebook.

I hope to see you online!