A significant update focused on refining seismic data interpretation and processing capabilities. This update introduces substantial improvements and fixes, particularly in two key areas:

Time-to-Depth Transformations: We've made numerous enhancements in the time-to-depth transformations of seismic data and horizons. This upgrade supports all time-depth transformation providers, including velocity models, simple velocity model, well-based time-depth model, and linear velocity. These enhancements are especially relevant for projects using feet units, ensuring more accurate and reliable depth conversions in various geological settings.

Velocity Model Conversions: The 7.0.3 version also brings several improvements and bug fixes in the conversions between types of velocity models. This includes seamless transitions between interval, RMS, and average velocity models. Such advancements significantly enhance the accuracy of seismic data interpretation, making it easier for geoscientists to switch between different velocity models as per the project requirements.

In the update of OpendTect Pro, we are also proud to introduce the first release of the AWS plugin for OpendTect Pro on Windows and Linux. This plugin, adds an incredibly valuable feature for our users - the ability to import an OpenVDS dataset directly from an AWS S3 storage, and to export a dataset in OpenVDS format to an AWS S3 storage. This integration not only simplifies data management but also enhances the flexibility and efficiency of handling large seismic datasets, making OpendTect Pro an even more powerful tool in the realm of geoscience data analysis.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing powerful, user-friendly seismic interpretation tools. OpendTect 7.0.3 ensures a smoother workflow and more precise outcomes in seismic analysis, reinforcing its position as a preferred tool in the geoscience community.

For a detailed overview of all the changes and to download the latest version, please visit our website