Systems tracts interpretation - Free webinar on 16 June, 4 pm CET

Systems tracts interpretation - Free webinar

Kristoffer will start the webinar with a HorizonCube; the dGB proprietary global interpretation plugin where the end goal is a dense set of interpreter-driven, automated horizons. The algorithm allows for a set of phase-consistent horizons (peaks, throughs, zero-crossings and in between) to be picked, even with multiple HorizonCube events per seismic sample. This way, we are able to bring out higher order information from the seismic, where changes in thickness might be hard to see with the naked eye.

In a traditional sense, OpendTect's Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System ' SSIS', can be used to interpret seismic sequence stratigraphic packages where we can utilize both the structural and wheeler (flattened) domains to pinpoint shifts in the depositional patterns. However, the applications go further than that. The tool, along with HorizonCube has several different applications from shallow geohazard analysis to creating better background models for inversion. Join us as we present the SSIS workflow, along with an interpretation demo from a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate setting offshore Canada.

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